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Move In & Out Cleaning Services by Denton Maids


Relocating to a new home is both thrilling and exhausting. Amidst the hustle of packing, shifting, and settling down, the last element one often considers is Deep Cleaning. However, stepping into a freshly cleaned space can set the tone for beautiful beginnings, and that’s precisely where Denton Maids shines.

Move out cleaning

The Depth of Move In & Out Cleaning


Contrary to Standard Cleaning routines, our Move In and Out Cleaning encompasses a broader, meticulous process, aiming to revive every nook and corner of your new abode. While the aim is personal satisfaction, sometimes, housing contracts demand such thoroughness. Regardless of the reason, Denton Maids is committed to curating a flawless move-in/out experience for you.

Our Move In/Out House Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Disinfection of tile walls, bathtubs, and showers.
  • A pristine finish for shower doors.
  • The vanity and sink will return to their gleaming best.
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures will radiate shine.
  • Flooring gets a dual treatment – washed and disinfected, or vacuumed based on the material.
  • Toilets undergo rigorous cleaning and disinfection.
  • Any mildew is addressed with specific treatments.
  • Cobwebs vanish, making way for clean spaces.
  • Dusting ensures surfaces are smooth to touch.
  • Finally, any trash is duly removed.

Sleeping and Living Area

  • Flat surfaces are dusted with a damp cloth.
  • Staircases are vacuumed to remove any lingering dust.
  • Accessible floor areas are vacuumed, with wood floors getting a special dust mop treatment.
  • Cobwebs are removed.
  • Picture frames are dusted to ensure memories shine bright.
  • Windowsills and ledges are addressed.
  • Areas with heavy knick-knacks are carefully dusted.
  • Trash removal ensures a clutter-free environment.
  • Beds are made, ensuring they’re inviting for a restful night.

Kitchen and Eating Area

  • Countertops are scrubbed to perfection.
  • The exterior of the range hood regains its original sheen.
  • The range’s top and front are meticulously cleaned.
  • Drip pans are given special attention.
  • Sinks are not just cleaned but also disinfected, and the chrome shines bright.
  • Other appliances’ exteriors are wiped clean.
  • Floors are attended to – vacuumed or mopped based on the type.
  • Cobwebs are addressed.
  • Microwaves are wiped inside out.
  • A round of general dusting polishes the effort.
  • Residual trash is removed.

Your Role in the Cleaning Process


Collaboration is the foundation of impeccable results. To achieve the zenith of cleanliness, we ask of you:

  • Please, ensure the home is devoid of personal belongings. An empty space provides our professionals the leeway to work their magic without hindrance.
  • Let us know any specific needs or areas that require extra attention. Our team is adept at tailoring their approach based on your feedback.
  • Entrust the process to us. Once you’ve relayed your needs, you can either oversee the process or provide our team with access and go about your day.

Why Choose Denton Maids?


Transitioning homes is a significant milestone, and the cleaning process shouldn’t dampen the spirit. Our team understands the intricacies of every cleaning task. With our expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art tools and eco-friendly products, we guarantee an impeccable outcome.

Moreover, our services are competitively priced. We understand that moving can strain finances, and hence, our commitment is to offer superior service without stretching your budget.

As you gear up to turn a new leaf in your life, at Denton Maids, we ensure your new chapter starts in an environment that’s fresh, clean, and inviting. Be it moving out or moving in; we’re here to elevate your experience. Call us at (940) 252-4010 or visit our booking page to get a free estimate. Feel free to send your inquiries to and our team will be in touch!

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