Top Ten-ish things I’ve learned in Business!

by Denton Maids - December 15, 2023

1. If everything is perfect by the time you launch, you’ve launched too late.

2. Being cheap often ends up being the most expensive choice you make for your business, you either pay upfront or you pay more on the backend, but you’re going to pay.

3. The more research and planning you do to prepare yourself for launching your business, the less likely you are to launch.

4. There will come a point where growing your business will require you to fire a bunch of customers. It’s a glorious thing. Celebrate.

5. All things being equal, the more options you offer customers, the less likely they are to make a purchase.Offer fewer choices.

6. Build businesses that don’t scale. You can take care of yourself and your family with a “but will it scale?” business, while you wait for your unicorn (which most probably isn’t happening anyhow).

7. A $100 customer isn’t 10 times the effort to find as a $10 customer. Could as well up the value and price with more confidence.

8. Your “About Me” page isn’t really about you. It should be renamed the “Can I create enough trust to overcome objections” page. Write from that angle.

9. Run ads to Sales page. 😬 Run ads to content, link from content to sales page…

10. You can always find a list of things you need to work through first before opening the doors to customers. And I’m here to say, that list is almost always b.s. You can’t win from the sidelines.

11. Eat your veggies..but not asparagus, that’s trash!!!


By Rohan Gilkes, founder of Maids in Black and Launch27.


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